Yle to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Finland

Yle will broadcast the World Cup 2018 in Finland, just like they broadcast most other big sports events. That is great news for us, because it is easy to stream Yle outside Finland as well. The greatest challenge with Yle, is that you will not understand a word of what the commentators say unless you understand Finnish. But, since the Finnish language is completely crazy and hard to learn and… Read More »

Watch the Summer Olympics on YLE in Finland, also from abroad

YLE has done it again. They will broadcast yet another fantastic sports event in Finland, and this time I am speaking about the Summer Olympics. This is how you can watch the Summer Olympics on YLE in Finland. YLE is a fantastic channel for sports, and earlier this summer you could watch all Euro 2016 matches on the channel. During the Summer Olympics in Rio you will be able to… Read More »

Euro 2016 now on YLE

I am just sitting here and watching Italy vs Belgium and it is interesting watching the match thinking about the fact that Finland almost won against Belgium about two weeks ago. They were a bit unlucky and got one goal against them just before the referee blew the whistle, but still the matched ended with a magnificent 1-1 result. Now they are playing against Italy and even though Italy is… Read More »

Watch the Euro 2016 online on YLE

YLE is the number one channel in Finland, especially when it comes to broadcasting events such as Champions League, Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics and European Championships in football and World Cups. This summer will be a great one because in June and July we can enjoy the best European teams in football as they compete for the Euro 2016 trophee. If you want to watch the Euro 2016 live online… Read More »