The Finnish TV channel YLE is a great channel if you want to listen to the Finnish language or watch your favorite TV program. However, they do have a block making it only available to those with a Finnish IP address.

As you try to watch YLE from abroad you will get a traditional error message very similar to the error messages you get as you try to watch TV channels such as CBS, and NOS from abroad. The problem is that the YLE blocks people trying to view their streams from abroad because of copyright protection. They check your IP address, which is your virtual address, and if they discover your virtual address to be outside Finland, then you will get the error message and not be able to watch their programs.

YLE not working from abroad
YLE not working from abroad
yle from abroad
Error message as you watch YLE from abroad

Get a virtual address in Finland

To be able to watch YLE from abroad you will need to get a virtual address in Finland, a Finnish IP address. The best and easiest way to do this is by subscribing to a VPN service. Such services are cheap and will give you an encrypted Internet connection and give you a Finnish IP address. It is very easy, it is safe and it works perfectly.

I have tested this myself and this article is of course written after trying it personally. I used a service named VyprVPN and their VPN server in Finland had great speeds and I could easily watch YLE from outside Finland. If you want to know more about VyprVPN you can also read the review I wrote earlier. If you want to visit their website, make a subscription and watch VyprVPN yourself, then visit their website.

Watching YLE from outside Finland with VyprVPN
Watching YLE from outside Finland with VyprVPN

Watching YLE from abroad – Step by Step

As we mentioned you just need a Finnish IP to watch YLE. If you use VyprVPN this can easily be arranged. Just do the following steps.

  • Visit VyprVPN website and make a subscription.
  • Download their client and connect to a server in Finland.
  • Restart your browser and you are ready to go!

Visit VyprVPN websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

Watching Champions league on Yle
Watching Champions League on Yle using VyprVPN